Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well done Moonis Elahi!

Well done Moonis!

I read in dawn some days ago about how you tool on Mr. Khosa in session of the Punjab Assembly. I am a non partisan Pakistani and I try not to dabble into politics for I think it is simply not my cup of tea. But, it gives me sleepless nights.

I have relived that Sharif brothers are only befooling the nation with their cheap rhetoric and they have failed to give any solution to the gigantic economic issues that the nation faces today. I tell you Moonis Bhai, it was like I had suddenly cracked the secret code of a very well guarded vault.

This realization fell on me like lightening that the Sharifs have tricked the innocent Pakistanis once again. So, I think that what you stood up for in the assembly session was very much in order. No one is allowed to break political parties into factions and then apply the divide and rule doctrine.

Have you heard of a Democratic party or a Republicans party forward or unification block. So, good that you took the turncoat Khosa to task. Does he not see mechanical flaws in “N” league?

Keep up the good work,

From Sacha Lahori