Thursday, June 25, 2009


Moonis Elahi Truth ka Sipahi
(Moonis Elahi, the Solider of Truth)

Mr. Moonis, you seem to be a different political breed altogether. I have been observing your activities and speeches in the last 6 months and I think you have in you what makes a politician a statesman.
Though you are young and relatively a novice in politics but you seem to be maturing fast. Your exposure of Punjab Government’s lavish and whimsical expenses at the cost of the poor during your budget speech in the provincial assembly on Monday seemed to be an outcome of thorough investigation and research.
The good thing about your assembly speech was your will to work with your political opponents if it comes to the service and survival of the country.
I like you for this and hope that one day you will lead Pakistan.
Yours Biggest Fan,
Irfan Latif, Rawalpindi