Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moonis Elahi cut the Christmas cake with Christian Members of the PML

Nalaiq (Incapable) League has messed up Punjab: Moonis Elahi

Lahore, December 24, 2009: The “Nalaiq” (Incapable) League government does not have the vision and the capacity to wrest Punjab out of its current financial crisis. This was stated yesterday by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League in a meeting with Christian party members at PML House, Lahore in connection with Christmas Celebrations. Present in the occasion were Senior President Punjab PML Muhammad Arshad Khan Lodhi, Secretary Information Punjab PML Akram Ch., Akram Masih Gill MNA, Rana Riaz, James Naz, Sardar Bishan Singh, Ch. Riasat Khokhar, Dr. Munawar Chand, Tabassum Naz and Sardar Taran Singh.

Talking on the occasion Moonis Elahi said that Punjab’s current financial mess was the doing of the two Shariffs, staff of half a dozen CM houses, 72 Task Forces, innumerable unelected advisors and scores of coordinators. Moonis Elahi said that Punjab’s uplift budget for this year had been drastically reduced but this was bearing no effect on the non development and lavish expenditures of the current Punjab rulers. He said that Punjab was confronting a loss of over 100 billion rupees in resources on account of an incompetent provincial government.

Moonis Elahi pointed out at the rising crimes and suicides as indicators of the misrule in Punjab. He said that in 2009 only in Lahore there were over 17000 incidents of robberies where the Lahorites were deprived of over 5 billion rupees. Moonis Elahi said that the Shariffs of Jaati Umra were flying around in government helicopters while the poor of Punjab couldn’t even eat two square meals a day.

He strongly criticized the auction of Punjab government’s assets for payment of interest against huge and unprecedented bank overdrafts. Moonis Elahi said that while no new government building was under construction in Punjab the Punjab government was strangely destroying private buildings in Lahore which was a sign of the current Punjab rulers’ destructive capabilities. The senior leader, Pakistan Muslim League said that instead of paying heed to the opposition’s protests the Punjab government continued on its destructive agenda in the last 2 years which has now brought the financial infrastructure to near collapse. It was ironic that after the voluntary departure of senior bureaucrats from the province now even the favorite junior bureaucrats in the Punjab administration were also critical of Punjab government’s incapacity to run the province’s affairs, remarked Moonis Elahi.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Punjab’s financial collapse is the result of N League’s plunder and surrender policy: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (December-19, 2009) Punjab Government’s recent decision of putting up valuable public assets for sale at throw away prices clearly reflects the failure of its extremely flawed administrative and financial policies. This was stated yesterday by senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Moonis Elahi while talking to various delegations of PML leaders and workers at PML House, Lahore. While talking to party men, Moonis Elahi remarked that N-League had now turned into “Nelaam (auction) League” as it was auctioning out highly valuable public property to compensate for its government’s own un-forgivable financial blunders, faux pas and follies.

Moonis Elahi further pointed out that the provincial economy had virtually collapsed and that the province of Punjab which was an investors’ haven until two years back was now considered a no-go area by both foreign as well as domestic investors and financial institutions. He cited the recently expressed IMF concerns on the excessive over-drafts of Punjab government and the extreme financial crisis currently prevalent in Pakistan’s largest province as a clear testimonial of Punjab government’s incompetence and failure in the eyes of the outside world. He said that the IMF had urged the federal government to take a serious stock of Punjab’s current financial crisis.

Moonis Elahi declared that the people of Punjab now wanted to know that why was their province heading for financial bankruptcy especially when there had been hardly any public sector spending on development works in last two years. He said that it was the people’s right to know that how could a financially surplus province till 2007, now in 2009 was on the brink of an economic disaster. He said that in the current financial year after depleting all available funds and resources of the province in the first six months on its flawed and failed schemes and after leaving the provincial kitty empty the N-League government had now set its eyes on valuable public assets in order to continue on its financial rampage.

He said that while the financial health of Punjab was already alarmingly poor the N-League government had planned to render a further blow to the ailing economy by doling out expensive public assets in the name of fund-raising. This “Punjab for Sale” scheme like N League’s earlier tandoor and sasti-roti schemes will wipe out whatever little hope is left for Punjab’s financial recovery remarked Moonis Elahi. The plunder and surrender policy of Punjab government has resulted in an alarming escalation of crimes rate and suicide cases in Punjab and the people of Punjab were now in no mood to forgive N league for these atrocities, Moonis Elahi declared.