Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moonis Elahi to attend the world politicans seminar in Germany

Moonis Elahi , leader of Pakistan Muslim League to attend a 6 day “The Friedrich Naumann Foundation für die Freiheit” Seminar on political leadership being held in Germany under the aegis of the International Academy for leadership.

This year Moonis Elahi is the only politician from Pakistan who has been invited to attend this high profile seminar. The participants from 24 countries around the globe comprising leading politicians will discuss amongst other issues the present state of politics, values and constraints of democratic leadership along with the importance of communication and moderation.

This seminar will provide an opportunity to Moonis Elahi for interaction with politicians of other countries and to inform and educate them about the current political situation in Pakistan and how the global community can help and assist Pakistan in its current war against the twin afflictions of poverty and terrorism.