Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lahore Trade Centers Prime Targets of Punjab Government and Terrorists: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (January 5, 2010) The modern trade centers of Lahore, once the pride of the city, are now the prime targets of Punjab Government and terrorist groups. The present rulers of Punjab are ruthlessly hammering down these trade centers with no consideration for the 500,000 plus individuals facing joblessness and the loss of over 200 billion rupees of people’s hard earned money as a consequence. LDA, is now an acronym for Lahore Demolition Authority. This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking to a group of shop owners and businessmen running their businesses in the affected trade centers.

Moonis Elahi strongly criticized the destructive policies of the Punjab Government and said that the current Punjab rulers had surpassed terrorists in their anti-people designs and moves. He said that Pakistan Muslim League had always upheld the supremacy of the law and fully respected the apex court’s decision against unauthorized constructions but the recent demolition drive was in reality a case of political victimization as the unauthorized structures of Punjab Government’s political allies were not being touched and the LDA officials had been directed to look the other way. Moonis Elahi dubbed the on-going demolition drive as a target killing of buildings belonging to the political opponents of N League.

Moonis Elahi said that the “Sharif Shahi” rule had on the one hand plundered the national resources and shifted its loot money to foreign countries in the last two decades and on the other hand was now hell bent on destroying buildings in which apart from local Pakistanis a vast majority of expatriates had also invested their hard earned money. He said that nations had always show-cased their modern buildings as symbols of progress and prosperity. He cited the recent inauguration of the world’s tallest building in Dubai as one such example. But on the contrary the Punjab Government was bringing ill repute to the nation by following an opposite course and thus pushing the people further down into poverty and deprivation, remarked Moonis Elahi.