Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dr. Qadeer Rightly Rebuts India While the Ruling Politicians “Strangely Silent”: Moonis Elahi

Lahore, (January 13, 2010): Dr. Abdul Qadeer’s befitting and timely rebuttal to the comments of the Indian Army Chief was actually a job that should have been performed by Pakistan’s ruling politicians. The nation is gravely disappointed with the ruling coalition’s “strange silence” on blatant Indian comments concerning Pakistan’s security and integrity. The rulers are engaged in their tug of war for power and authority to the enemy’s advantage. These were the views of senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi on the current geo-political situation of the region while talking to party intellectuals yesterday in Lahore. He said that the “Desire for Peace” (Aman ki Asha) could not be achieved with Asha Bhosle’s songs or with Mr.Amitabh Bachan’s “vachans” (pledges). Real and sustainable peace in the sub-continent will only come when India will be prepared to abandon its hegemonistic designs against its neighbors remarked Moonis Elahi.

He further said that Doctor Abdul Qadeer had rightly voiced the nation’s aspirations by reminding India of the dire consequences it will have to face in the event of a nuclear aggression against Pakistan. He said that India’s bestial denial of freedom to Kashmir, violation of the Indus Basin Accord, involvement in the unrest of Baluchistan and carrying out anti-Pakistan activities from Afghanistan were clear instances of India’s disrespect for international laws, resolutions, treaties and boundaries. Unless India decides to act like a good neighbor and reshape its policies in accordance with the requirements of peace and coexistence peace will remain a dream in the subcontinent, said Moonis Elahi.

He urged Pakistan’s friends in the West to also review their pro-Indian stance in the wake of India’s renewed war mongering activities. He said that Pakistan had always upheld peace in the region while India had always been a villain. Moonis Elahi pointed out that an apt description of the Indian leadership’s villainous mindset can also be found in the Former Indian Foreign Minister, Mr. Jaswant Singh’s recently published book “Jinnah: India- Partition- Independence”. He reminded the ruling politicians that it was time to rise above petty power games and megalomania. He reiterated Pakistan Muslim League’s trust and faith in the defence capabilities of Pakistan and said that the country’s land, air and water forces were fully capable of destroying enemy designs wherever and whenever and the nation stood by their brave forces at all times.