Friday, January 22, 2010

Indian Jingoism at Play in the IPL Auction: Moonis Elahi

Lahore : January 20, 2010

The fact that there were no takers for Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League betrays the unethical, discriminatory and prejudicial outlook of Indian corporate leaders, Bollywood stars, IPL organizers, Indian Cricket Board and above all the Indian Government against the players and People of Pakistan. No matter how much the Indians blow their trumpet of being a liberal, educated and cultured people this act has once again revealed their true anti-Pakistan intentions. We should boycott IPL matches on television, ban the use of Indian products and stop watching Indian flicks featuring Bollywood stars who are also IPL franchisees till an official apology from the Indian Government and IPL organizers is received. This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League while giving an interview to a foreign correspondent.

Commenting on the recent IPL held cricketers’ auction where eleven Pakistani cricketers remained unsold Moonis Elahi said that the Pakistan Government, Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistani cricketers should now open their eyes and stop compromising Pakistan’s prestige for personal thrills and selfish gains. We won independence under the Quaid-e-Azam’s leadership to rid ourselves of the Indian malice and to attain excellence in all fields including sports without being discriminated against by the dominant Hindu mindset said Moonis Elahi.

He said that Pakistan’s cricket team which achieved its first historic win against England in 1954 comprised men charged with the Quaid’s vision for excellence and these men had also participated in the Pakistan Movement under his leadership. He reminded today’s Pakistani cricket stars of their role as the custodians of a great legacy and urged them to put the Nation’s honor above all other priorities and not sell themselves out to the highest bidder at the Nation’s cost. We are a great sporting nation and have been the World Champions of cricket, hockey, squash and snooker, we are currently the World Champions of the 20/20 form of cricket to the dismay of our ever-hostile Indian neighbors remarked Moonis Elahi. Our sporting prowess has always given India major heart burns and it leaves no opportunity to undermine the Pakistani Nation in sports like in other fields he said. If the IPL organizers want to act like the Shiv-Sena of Indian cricket then the world cricketing bodies should take notice of this and not let the jingoistic IPL organizers easily off the hook this time.