Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The World should take notice of Indian Nuclear designs and human rights violations in Kashmir: Moonis Elahi

Indian hegemonistic designs are the root cause of all conflicts in South Asia. This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League in a meeting with party workers in London. He said that Indian obsession to become the regional overlord was not only the key factor behind 4 wars between Pakistan and India but also the most important reason for the start of nuclear race in South Asia.

Commenting on the induction of a nuclear submarine in the Indian navy he said that this induction will have far reaching destabilizing effects on the peace of the region. He felt that the induction of a nuclear submarine carrying nuclear warheads will not only pose a direct challenge to Pakistan but will also threaten the peace of the various small countries located along the Indian Ocean.

He urged the world powers to stop supporting India in its unbridled build up of a nuclear arsenal. He said that nuclearisation of the Indian Ocean was a direct threat to world peace.

Moonis Elahi appealed to the world powers to also take notice of the unprecedented human rights violations in held Kashmir. He strongly criticized the inhuman treatment meted out to the Kashimiri leader Mahbuba Mufti in the session of the puppet state assembly where she tried to draw the speaker’s attention towards the rape and murder of innocent Kashmiri girls at the hands of Indian troops.

He said that India could not be allowed to either unleash its nuclear designs in the Indian Ocean or defile or brutally mutilate the honor and integrity of the innocent Kashmiri people. He urged the Government of Pakistan not to let the Indian expansionist designs and the genocide of Kashmiris go unnoticed by the world powers.