Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barbaric Police Action against students, teachers, workers a reminder of Martial Law: Moonis Elahi

The barbaric torture of students and Pakistan Railways workers in Lahore on Tuesday is a tragic reminder of the brutal and cruel martial law regimes of the past and this has spread a wave of further panic and unrest in the already harassed public.

This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking on phone from London with office bearers of Pakistan Muslim League Education Wing who apprised him of the details of Punjab Police brutalities perpetrated on students, teachers and Pakistan Railways contract employees in two separate incidents on Tuesday in Lahore.

Moonis Elahi said the way in which Punjab Police used kicks, fists, batons and tear gas against students, teachers and railways workers in Lahore proved that Shahbaz government had virtually turned the province into a Police State.

He said that the Punjab policemen who were otherwise being discouraged from apprehending criminals and felons because many of them belonged to the ruling elite had been shockingly given a free hand by the present rulers of Punjab to violently chase innocent students and workers and brutally thrash them.

Moonis Elahi said that the whole world witnessed the inhuman and beastly treatment of Punjab Police inflicted on Pakistani students, academicians and workers in the media and it made an extremely negative impression of the country with the outside world.

Moonis Elahi said that the fact that no government high up even uttered a word in sympathy of the injured and against the police high handedness proved beyond doubt that these actions were taken at the behest of the Punjab government.

Moonis Elahi claimed that during Ch. Pervaiz Elahi’s 5 year government in the province there was not a single such gory incident on record and Pakistan Muslim League government from 2002 to 2007 gave the youth and the workers of the Punjab maximum honor and respect.

He strongly condemned the use of state machinery by Shahbaz government against the deprived and oppressed sections of the society and said that the brutal police action clearly reflected the true mentality of the present Punjab rulers.