Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pakistan Muslim League ratifies the unopposed election of Ch Pervaiz Elahi as Provincial President

Punjab General Council of Pakistan Muslim League ratifies the unopposed election of Ch Pervaiz Elahi as Provincial President and Ch Zaheer ud din as Provincial General Secretary

Results have proven that intrigues cannot weaken the party the dissidents have proved themselves unworthy of honor and position they got because of the party 5 years of sterling performance by the PML government and our sincere leaders and workers are our real asset: Ch. Pervaiz Elahi

Lahore (8 July, 2009) An overwhelming presence of PML General Council members at the party election proves that the sincere and loyal leaders and workers of the party have shunned politics of intrigue and conspiracy. The real pillars of Pakistan Muslim League are its elected representatives, ticket holders and our 5 successful years of an unprecedented service to the people. These views were expressed by Ch.Pervaiz Elahi during his address to a jam packed gathering of his party members after he was elected unopposed by the Punjab General Council members along with Ch. Zaheer ud din as the provincial General Secretary.

Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that a strong Muslim League was the guarantor of a strong Pakistan and a bright future of the coming generations. He said that Pakistan Muslim League had given us honor and recognition and now it was payback time. He strongly condemned the handful of intriguers who were trying to weaken the strong democratic culture of Pakistan Muslim League. He declared that today’s gathering was enough to silence the intriguers and Pakistan Muslim League was not the Convention League of the past but a vibrant and popular political party with countless dedicated workers throughout the country.

He said that the intriguers had been asking for party elections for the last year and a half and now when the party was holding the elections the intriguers had suddenly taken a u turn.He thanked his party workers and colleagues for upholding the party’s constitution and for reposing their confidence in his leadership. He praised different wings of the party for their effective role in the party reorganization.

He specially recognized the services of the minorities wing of Pakistan Muslim League and said that the minorities had given us support on count of our services for them. He condemned the drawing room politicians for their intrigues against the party and said that no one could dare hijack Pakistan Muslim League from its sincere and loyal workers.Ch Pervaiz Elahi reminded his party colleagues and workers of the various contributions and achievements of PML government in Punjab from 2002 to 2007.He said that his government had done more for the province in its 5 years than all the work done by the previous governments put together since independence.

He said that his government had the benefit of all the people of the province in mind and their development plans were not confined to a few cities. He claimed that to address poverty and deprivation in South Punjab his government had spent 117 billion rupees in the areas of health, education, agriculture, industry, roads and infrastructure development Among his government’s various other services in Punjab he mentioned the up gradation of Tonsa Barage, free books and education upto matric, provision of free medicines in hospital emergencies, tax exemption to farmers with small land holdings and on 5 marla homes.

He claimed that while his government had built 7 underpasses alone the present Punjab government could not even complete one bridge at Thokar Niaz Beg, Lahore. He said that the N League government also tried to do away with the 1122 emergency service as well as the traffic wardens system but failed because of the public approval of these initiatives. Commenting on the grave law and order situation in the province he expressed his serious concern over the 30% rise in crime rate as compared to his government’s highly low rate of crimes. He also criticized the anti farmer policies and decisions of the present Punjab government. Commenting on the issue of power generation Ch. Pervaiz Elahi reaffirmed his party’s unflinching support to the construction of all water dam projects approved between 2002 and 2007 including Kalabagh dam.