Monday, September 19, 2011

Zafar Qureshi is deliberately obstructing the course of justice to prolong Moonis Elahi’s incarceration. Moonis Elahi’s defence lawyer

Lahore (17 September 2011) District and Sessions Judge Mujahid Mustaqeem as Special Judge Banking Court today on the FIA’s 15 day extension request has adjourned the NICL case hearing till September 26. Moonis Elahi’s lawyer Amjad Parvez opposing the FIA’s 15 day extension request on legal grounds accused the investigation agency of blatantly wasting the court’s time and violating its orders. He further accused the FIA of deliberately obstructing the course of justice to prolong Moonis Elahi’s incarceration. 

Moonis Elahi’s defence lawyer citing examples of the delaying tactics employed by the FIA said that on Zafar Qureshi’s Aug 18 request asking the court for an additional one month for further investigation the court gave him time till September 6, on Sept 6 in response to the FIA’s demand for further time for the appointment of a prosecutor the court allowed the FIA further grace time till September 17 but the FIA had neither appointed a prosecutor and nor had purportedly completed its investigation. 

He said that Zafar Qureshi’s request for a further 15 day extension to present the final challan was illegal as two challans of the same case could not be presented. He demanded the court to order Zafar Qureshi to apprize the court as to why the FIA had failed to appoint a prosecutor and present the final challan thus far. He asked to be informed that if the FIA had still not appointed a prosecutor then who was presenting the interim challan, producing new witnesses and asking the court on Zafar Qureshi’s behalf for further time relaxation. 

He wanted to know the antecedents of the individual presently appearing on behalf of the FIA and if he was not a prosecutor. The court in its decision ordered the FIA to present the final challan and the new prosecutor on September 26 failing which the court ruled that it could call Zafar Qureshi.