Friday, September 9, 2011

Instead of blowing his own horn Shahbaz Sharif should do something concrete for dengue elimination: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (September 8, 2011) Senior leader Pakistan Muslim League Moonis Elahi in a press statement released in Lahore today strongly criticized the Punjab government for the dengue outbreak in the province and especially in the provincial metropolis. He held Shahbaz Sharif personally responsible for the deaths caused due to dengue virus in the province. He accused the Punjab chief minister of being too occupied in blowing his own horn when he should have been actually doing something concrete to eradicate the dengue menace. Historians will remember the self-proclaimed Khadim e Ala as one ranting and raving chief minister of Punjab whose favorite pastime was his own trumpet blowing while the people were left to suffer at the hands of poverty, unemployment, criminal elements and now the dengue mosquito, said Moonis Elahi. 

He called upon Shahbaz Sharif to quit his cheap one man show politics and provide the common man with immediate medical relief against the killer virus at government hospitals including the free supply of platelets and medicines for the distressed. Moonis Elahi stated that Shahbaz Sharif government had billions to spend on Jaati Umra expressway but no money for dengue treatment. Strongly criticizing the sasti roti scam, Ashyana scheme, yellow cab stunt, Moonis Elahi said that Shahbaz government had done nothing for the people except launch bogus schemes and cash upon projects launched by the PML government of Chaudhry Parvez Elahi. He further accused Shahbaz Sharif of missing no opportunity of self praise and projection while in reality he had not even bothered to appoint a full time provincial health minister since 2008. Dengue spread in the previous years should have been enough for the government to get going this year for its eradication but what came out were negligence, incompetency and sheer indifference to public problems in Punjab, stated Moonis Elahi.

He further stated that his party would expose the real faces and actual causes behind the spread of dengue disease in the coming session of the Punjab Assembly. We want to bring the actual culprits responsible for dengue outbreak in Punjab in the dock, Moonis Elahi stated at the conclusion of his statement.