Monday, April 26, 2010

“Nura” League surpasses allies in anti-people policies: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (April 24, 2010) As if the earlier titles in the N series were not enough that N League by endorsing the anti-business decisions of two weekly holidays and daily closure of shops by 8 pm now also clearly qualifies to be categorized as “Nura” League. Acting as a benign opposition at the centre and playing bed mates in Punjab with PPP, N League has surpassed its allies in backstabbing the very people who entrusted confidence in them in the 2008 election. After the commercial plazas target killing spree the two-holidays per week “Chuttee Bomb” if applied will destroy of what is left of business in Punjab. These views were expressed today in Lahore by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking to a delegation of Pakistan Muslim League Traders Wing.

Moonis Elahi reiterated his party’s unflinching commitment to the cause of the business community and strongly condemned the decisions of two-holidays per week and closure of businesses by 8 in the evening. He said that 18 hours daily load shedding in Punjab could have been reduced to 4 hours daily like in other provinces had the N League government sincerely advocated Punjab’s case. Not just during the power crisis but in all other crises, N League without a moment’s hesitation has been compromising Punjab’s interests for self gains, alleged Moonis Elahi. He blamed N League and its allies for jointly playing havoc with the country’s economy and bringing it to the verge of collapse.

He said that Punjab’s default now stood at a staggering amount of Rupees 73 billion and if the recent anti-trade decisions were not withdrawn immediately the rates of poverty, unemployment, suicides and crimes which had already touched alarming heights were bound to shoot further up in the province. Moonis Elahi warned the rulers of a public lash back worse than Kyrgystan if anti- business decisions and IMF dictates emphasizing further taxes on the already impoverished people of Punjab were allowed to be carried out.

Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the Punjab government’s threat of cutting power supply to traders who did not comply with the 8 pm draconian decree and said that N League now stood fully exposed to the people of Punjab including the business community.