Monday, April 12, 2010

18th Amendment overshadowed by 18 hours daily load shedding: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (April 8, 2010) How can people welcome 18th Amendment when confronted by the travails of 18 hours daily load shedding, sky rocketing inflation and record high unemployment? The prices of basic necessities have been increased as many as 18 times in the last two years. In the wake of nerve wrecking increase in prices of fuel and other commodities, the Punjab government’s decision to up the water tariff by 75% is another extremely cruel decision. These views were expressed by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League, while talking to party members here in Lahore today.

Moonis Elahi said that the present rulers were not bothered about the sufferings of the masses and their only concern was the protection of their ill-gotten wealth and power. He said that Pakistan Muslim League had warned of the consequences of acquiring gas run rental power units a year back but no attention was paid to these warnings at the time. Today all our warnings unfortunately are coming true and people are facing not only the worst electricity and gas shortage in country’s history but on top also being forced to pay huge power and gas bills, said Moonis Elahi. He said that summaries for further increase by next month in power and natural gas rates were being prepared. The proposed increase would put a further unbearable burden on the already suffering people, he feared. He said that electricity obtained from gas run rental power units would cost six times more than hydro electricity. What good will be the electricity produced by rental power units if beyond people’s reach? Moonis Elahi asked.

He expressed his anger at WASA’s decision of 75% increase in bills of commercial water connections and called it as another Draconian levy imposed on the masses by Punjab rulers. Moonis Elahi alleged Punjab government of deliberately compromising Punjab’s rights and interests for personal gains. Moonis Elahi warned the rulers to desist from their pro-IMF and anti-people policies and decisions. He said that people were justified in thinking that all their problems could only come to an end if the current rulers were sent home.