Thursday, March 11, 2010

Punjab rulers not concerned with people’s problems: Moonis Elahi

Gujrat (March 9, 2010) Moonis Elahi, Central Leader of Pakistan Muslim League has said that March 24 will be remembered as a day of glorious victory for Gujrat and Pakistan Muslim League in the annals of history. On that day the real fight will be between the people of Gujrat and the usurpers sitting in Raiwind and in the final reckoning the decision of the people will stand supreme. Moonis Elahi said that Pakistan Muslim League was the true well wisher of the people and by voting Imran Masood to Punjab Assembly from Gujrat PP 111 with a heavy majority on March 24, the people of Gujrat will be rejecting the current ruling clique comprising fake degree holders and electricity thieves. How the current rulers of Punjab can after being caught red handed in the act of stealing electricity guide people to the right path? Moonis Elahi made these remarks while addressing public meetings at Kalra Khasa, kalra Kallan, Palace Colony and Lokri in connection with Gujrat PP 111 election taking place on 24th of this month.

Other speakers in the meetings included Ch. Irshad Waraich, Ch. Ahmad Nadeem Gujjar, Ch. Zahid Hussain Bhatti, Inam ul Haq, Ch. Naseer Sindhu, Asif Dhol, Haji Safdar Numberdar, Haji Safdar Multani, Ch. Riffat Mahmud, Ch. Mahbub Elahi, Ch. Majeed Waraich, Nasir Dar, Bashir Rahmani, Fazal Hussain, Wajid Shah, Dr. M Ansar, Ch. Rashid Ali, Waheed Aslam Chattha. Also present in large numbers were leaders and workers of Pakistan Muslim League Youth Wing, Gujrat.

Moonis Elahi said that he and his family belonged to Gujrat and no one knew the problems of Gujrat like they knew. He took pride in the fact that the sons of Gujrat had always reflected on their city’s name and had also achieved highest offices in the government. On the other hand, Moonis Elahi said that the current rulers of Punjab were hell bent on flouting the law, squandering public resources and openly stealing electricity. The current Punjab rulers have terribly failed in providing public with any relief and their only concern is the protection of power for which they can go to any extent, Moonis Elahi alleged. Moonis Elahi strongly criticized the failure of Punjab government in preventing the unfortunate Model Town suicide bombing incident despite receiving warnings well in advance. The rulers are directly responsible for the tragic loss of life and property in this case, he said.

Moonis Elahi reiterated his firm commitment to do away with contract and Qabza mafias and give preference to unemployed youths in provision of jobs when Pakistan Muslim League returned to power.

Earlier, Moonis Elahi called on Ch. Mohammad Ilyas Waraich of Kalra at his residence and exchanged views on the current political scene of Gujrat. Ch. Ilyas Waraich assured his complete and unflinching support to Pakistan Muslim League’s candidate Imran Masood.