Friday, March 19, 2010

Kalabagh Dam demand surrendered by electricity thieves: Moonis Elahi

Gujrat (March 13, 2010): Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League has alleged that the blatant theft of electricity on one hand and the shameful withdrawal from the demand for Kalabagh dam on the other are glaring proofs of N League’s treacherous role against the people of Punjab and Pakistan. The present rulers of Punjab have a long history of trading off Punjab’s rights to further their vested interests. NFC Awards meetings offered an ideal opportunity for consensus building on Kalabagh dam but personal interests were given preference over national interests. These views were expressed by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League today at a party workers meeting in Gujrat.

Moonis Elahi claimed that till the last day of its government, Pakistan Muslim League continued efforts for consensus building on the vital power project but N League after forming government in Punjab in 2008 immediately expunged Kalabagh dam from its manifesto to further personal interests.. Moonis Elahi declared that N League government not only backed out on the demand for Kalabagh dam in 2008 but had also in times of severe load shedding not once advocated its need in larger national interest. Moonis Elahi questioned the use of running expensive anti-electricity theft campaigns in the media when everyone knew that the biggest electricity thieves were the current rulers of Punjab.

He sympathized with the employees of LESCO who were wrongfully made scapegoats to cover up for the electricity theft committed by the N League government. He said that in the last two years due to poor performance and insincere policies of N League in Punjab the people of the province had been pushed to unprecedented depths of poverty, unemployment and lawlessness.