Wednesday, October 26, 2016

سانحہ پولیس کالج کوئٹہ نیشنل ایکشن پلان میں ن لیگ کی عدم دلچسپی کانتیج-Moonis Elahi Says Lives Lost in Quetta Attack Will Not Go in Vain

Quetta attack-Moonis Elahi

سانحہ پولیس کالج کوئٹہ نیشنل ایکشن پلان 
میں ن لیگ کی عدم دلچسپی کانتیجہ 
2 نومبر اسلام آباد 
ن لیگ سے نیشنل ایکشن پلان کو ناکام 
کرنے کی سازش پر جواب طلبی کا دن 
ن لیگ قوم کو حساب دے ۔۔۔پاکستانیوں کی شہادتوں کا جواب دے 

Every citizen of the nation is precious and a single life loss should be treated as a national loss. Quetta attack has proven PMLN is incapable of defending its citizens. The National Action Plan is exposed as “No Action Plan” as the incumbent government has completely failed to provide security.
As opposition parties plan to stage a huge protest in the country’s capital Islamabad, Moonis Elahi says Nov 2 will be D Day for PMLN. They (PMLN) will have to pay for their ignorance over security matters of the state and will be held accountable for all their wrong deeds. Their (Nawaz Sharif and family) corruptionwill no longer be tolerated at the expense of Pakistani tax payers money. It is a possibility that Islamabad will be locked down until the premier resigns or presents himself for accountability.