Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An open letter of Mr. Moonis Elahi, Addressed to All Pakistanis Including the Ideological Workers of Pakistan Muslim League

An open letter of Mr. Moonis Elahi, Senior Central Leader Pakistan Muslim League
Addressed to All Pakistanis Including the Ideological Workers of Pakistan Muslim League (the Party Which Founded Pakistan)

Mian Nawaz Sharif’s statement on the eve of Pakistan’s 65th Independence Day, pronouncing the Indian gods and culture similar as that of Pakistan is not only a sinister move to undermine the Two Nation theory but also a deliberate attempt at nullifying the sacrifices of countless Muslims for the creation of Pakistan.  It is apparent from his views that the Indian contract for weakening Pakistan’s ideological foundations has been awarded to “Sharif Brothers & Co” who have their head offices located at Jaati Umra of Amritsar, India and their sub-office at Jaati Umra, Raiwind.  

It is a great historical fact and an undeniable reality that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam.  The Muslims of the Sub-continent struggled for independence under the leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to live in a society that believed in one God unlike the Hindus who worshipped several gods and goddesses. “The Muslims are a separate nation from the Hindus. Our religion, history, culture, architecture, ways of living and eating habits are diametrically opposed to them”, said the Quaid.

But today, a Pakistani politician who claims to head a faction of Muslim League (the very party which founded Pakistan) has the audacity to challenge the very ethos of Pakistan. What a shame, and that too at a time when the nation is going through the toughest period in its history.

Ironically, in the same speech delivered before his Indian guests, the self-styled “amir ul momineen” while enumerating the similarities between Muslims of Pakistan and the predominantly Hindu India identified the dish of “potatoes and meat” (aalu gosht) as one great similarity. One does not have words to condemn this most fickle exercise at finding commonalities between the two most diverse faiths and nations. If “aalu gosht” is what MNS considers as a binding force between India and Pakistan then he should have kept in mind that the meat Indians relish the most is that of the innocent Kashmiri Mussalmans.

The founding fathers of Pakistan must be turning in their graves at this most preposterous and horrific statement made by a Pakistani politician.

We, Pakistanis have suffered tremendous political and financial blows at the hands of Sharif Brothers and Co and they have been getting away with them, but this time round it will be unpatriotic to let them go Scot free. It is now time to put Nawaz Sharif in the dock and the charge should be of staging treason against the Ideology of Pakistan and hatching a conspiracy against the people of Pakistan. I will end my statement with words of a senior Pakistani journalist known for his patriotic views who said “if Nawaz Sharif has such soft corner for Hindus then he should shift his Jaati Umra residence to Amritsar”.