Monday, June 13, 2011

Moonis Elahi's Lawyers asked to cite verdicts to get witness statement copies

Lahore (10-06-2011) The Banking Court in Lahore has adjourned the NICL case hearing against Moonis Elahi, senior leader Pakistan Muslim League, till tomorrow. During today’s proceedings, Moonis Elahi’s lawyers requested the court to provide them with copies of the prosecution witnesses’ statements recorded under Section 164. They were of the view that it was their right to obtain the copies of witnesses’ statements but the court for reasons not known to them was not heeding their request. Moonis Elahi’s lawyers said that the case against their client was a pack of lies devoid of evidence and reason. They accused the FIA of willfully stretching the case to prolong Moonis Elahi’s incarceration period. The Banking Court Judge, Mr. Justice Abdul Rasheed responding to their observations offered Moonis Elahi’s lawyers to get the case transferred to another court remarking that he was not very fond of hearing the NICL case. Moonis Elahi’s lawyers while expressing their confidence in the learned judge said that if he himself was not interested in hearing the case then it was another matter. 

Moonis Elahi’s lawyers included Amjad Pervez, Rai Bashir Ahmad and Misbah ur Rahman advocates. Earlier on arrival at the court, Moonis Elahi briefly speaking to the media said that he returned to Pakistan at his own accord and because he had complete faith in the independence and fairness of the country’s judiciary. Moonis Elahi’s lawyers talking to the media after the court adjournment said that according to clause 241/A of the Constitution of Pakistan, the court was responsible for providing copies of the trial related documents but in this case the court was prolonging things for unknown reasons and today the whole time was spent on arguing whether or not Moonis Elahi could be provided copies of witnesses’ statements recorded under Section 164.