Thursday, May 26, 2011

We never recorded any statement with the FIA (8 Moonis Elahi case prosecution witnesses tell the Court)

May 25, 2011 (Lahore)
The Banking Court while adjourning the hearing of Pakistan Muslim League Central Leader Moonis Elahi’s case until May 31 has directed the FIA authorities to provide Moonis Elahi’s counsel with copies of statements recorded in the case under Sections 161 and 164.  During today’s hearing, Moonis Elahi’s counsel took the plea that the FIA was bound to provide the accused with copies of all statements recorded in the case under Sections 161 and 164.  He demanded copies of statements of the 8 prosecution witnesses recorded under oath where they had unanimously stated that at no point did they record their statements with the FIA.  The Court was adjourned after the FIA officials requested for some time in order to arrange the required copies.  

According to Moonis Elahi’s lawyer, Amjad Pervaiz the 8 prosecution witnesses had appeared in person before a Magistrate and stated under oath that the FIA had pressurised them to sign on blank pages and stamp papers and they had at no point recorded their statements with the FIA.  Quoting the witnesses, Moonis Elahi’s defence counsel further said that in their statements the witnesses had named Adil Manzoor and Khadim Rasool as two individuals who had personally visited the bank for account opening, cheque book receiving and money withdrawal and neither Moonis Elahi nor any other person known to him ever came in touch with them.  Advocate Amjad Pervaiz said that the baseless and false allegations against Moonis Elahi now stood fully exposed.