Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moonis Elahi's remand extended for 4 days

Lahore, March 28 2011 A local court in Lahore on Monday extended the physical remand of detained Pakistan Muslim League leader Moonis Elahi on FIA’s request for further 4days. The Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Irfan Basra has directed FIA to present Moonis Elahi again on April 1. 

Moonis Elahi told the court that he was under detention for the last 10 days and had fully co-operated with the FIA but so far he had not been shown any proof or evidence against him. He said that he had repeatedly declared that he had neither received any money nor he was liable to pay anyone and he had no concern with the alleged deal. The defence lawyer Iqbal Bhatti prayed to the court that his client was being un-necessarily detained and since the FIA had not made any progress despite obtaining physical remand 3 times before therefore any further remand was not required. He said that his client was innocent. 

Prior to Moonis Elahi arrival in the district courts the Punjab Rangers and police had undertaken strict security measures and vehicles were not being allowed to enter the district courts. On his arrival thousands of highly motivated PML workers and leaders gave Moonis Elahi a rousing welcome. The armored vehicle bringing Moonis Elahi to the court was once again covered with rose petals. Moonis Elahi on stepping out of the vehicle smiled at his supporters and waved to them. The PML workers chanted slogans calling Moonis Elahi the future Chief Minister and against the false case in which he was being tried.