Monday, December 27, 2010

N League has a history of using Punjabis as human shield in its nefarious power game: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (December 15, 2010) Moonis Elahi the senior central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League has said that the people of Punjab are currently the biggest victims of the ongoing target killings wave in the country. Referring to Monday’s statement of the Sind Home Minister and the recent Human Watch Pakistan’s report citing the murder of 12 educators of Punjab origin living in Baluchistan in 2010 alone, Moonis Elahi has expressed his serious concern and dismay at the unfortunate rise in target killing incidents against Punjabis settled in other parts of the country.

Moonis Elahi has accused the incumbent Punjab government of failing to protect Punjabis within Punjab and without on account of its incompetence and lust for power. He expressed these views today in Lahore during a meeting with a delegation of the Pakistan Muslim League workers belonging to his Gujrat provincial assembly constituency.

Moonis Elahi said that the people of Punjab were going through the worst time in their lives under the present Punjab government. He said that the present Punjab government on account of its poor policies and due to its lust for power had left the people totally vulnerable and unprotected against rising terrorism, crimes, poverty, unemployment and now target killings.

Moonis Elahi accused the Punjab government of not only failing in protecting the lives of the people of Punjab but also their rights. He said that this fact was evident from the present government’s role in thrusting various unjust decisions on the people of Punjab including the NFC Awards, heavy power and gas load shedding schedules and the RGST accord.

Moonis Elahi said that the N League had a long history of using the people of Punjab as a human shield in its nefarious power games. Moonis Elahi said that the target killings of Pakistanis including Punjabis were highly condemnable and it was incumbent upon the governments of Sind and Baluchistan to ensure the security and well being of all Pakistanis including the people of Punjab living there.