Friday, September 3, 2010

Whether natural disasters or terrorist attacks Punjab Government miserably fails to act on advance warnings: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (September 02, 2010) Moonis Elahi, senior central leader of Pakistan Muslim League has alleged that Punjab under the burden of Shahbaz Government’s disastrous financial and administrative policies had submerged in deep and murky waters much before the floods began their devastation. Moonis Elahi has blamed the self proclaimed “Khadim-e-Ala’s” poor crisis management skills and his self serving “flood politics” as main reasons for the colossal loss of life and property in Punjab during and in the post floods phase. Moonis Elahi has called for Shahbaz Sharif’s resignation in the wake of his failure to protect people’s lives and well being during floods and against terrorist attacks. He has said that Pakistanis are a brave people and our true heroes are the floods stricken Pakistanis and the Pakistani individuals and institutions helping their brethren in this hour of dire need. Moonis Elahi made these comments during a meeting with party workers from Lahore at his residence today.

Moonis Elahi in his speech was highly critical of the poor law and order situation under N League in Punjab. Citing the tragic suicide bombing incidents at Data Darbar and Karballa Gamay Shah in Lahore, he said that if Shahbaz Sharif could not ensure security to religious places in his own family constituency then how he could ensure the security of the rest of the province. Criticizing Shahbaz administration’s poor response to advance warnings against floods as well as acts of terrorism in the province resulting in huge losses of life and property in both the cases Moonis Elahi demanded immediate resignation of Shahbaz Government and said that Shahbaz Government had lost all moral and political grounds to continue and with every passing day its legitimacy was becoming more questionable. Quoting a Punjab Government official’s statement where he had put the number of flood victims to whom Punjab Government had so far provided food at around only 250,000 people, Moonis Elahi remarked that it was an open admission of failure on their part as the number of flood affected and displaced in Punjab was in several millions. Moonis Elahi praised the flood affected Pakistanis for their exemplary fortitude in crisis and dubbed individuals and institutions working relentlessly for the relief and rehabilitation of their compatriots in trouble as the Nation’s true heroes.