Monday, May 10, 2010

Punjab is not a province of charity seekers: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (May 8, 2010) After the failure of the tandoor scam if CM Punjab thinks that his upcoming Langar hoax will save N League’s sinking boat he is sadly mistaken. Punjab is not a province of charity seekers and the proud people of Punjab demand their constitutional right to better life instead of being humiliated through N League’s sham roti, atta and langar schemes. If CM Punjab had an iota of genuine concern for the poor of the province he would have long ago dumped his huge army of useless advisors who are merely getting fatter day by day on public money. These were the views of Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League expressed during a meeting in Lahore today with office bearers of Pakistan Muslim League Labor Wing.
In the meeting Moonis Elahi blamed N League’s Punjab government for squandering massive public funds for cheap political gimmicks and huge personal gains at the expense of the innocent and proud Punjabis. He blamed N League for reducing Punjab once the bread basket of the country to a food deficient region and for insulting the pride of its people by forcing them to stand in long lines for flour, sugar and other necessary food items.

Moonis Elahi called CM Punjab’s latest announcement regarding the launch of Langar (public kitchen) scheme in Punjab as yet another hoax meant to deceive people and to extort public funds. If poor people can successfully run langars (public kitchens) at Data Sahib’s shrine in Lahore and at similar other holy places in Punjab with their scant resources and on their own then why can’t the N League leadership with its huge financial assets follow suit? Moonis Elahi asked while adding that the truth was that N League’s leadership had a history of taking money from the poor and not giving it back to them.

The langar scheme was going to be another fraud with the people and like in the earlier tandoor scam where 30 billion rupees of public money had disappeared the upcoming langar hoax was also bound to gobble further billions, he alleged. This time the people of Punjab will not be deceived and if any attempt is made to misappropriate public funds for political gimmickry they will confront the rulers, declared Moonis Elahi.