Monday, October 19, 2009

N League-PPP coalition brought country to verge of collapse: Moonis Elahi

Narowal: The N League-PPP coalition has wrecked the country. Those conspiring with their foreign masters in a plot to compromise Pakistan’s sovereignty and sell off the country’s vital interests in exchange for dollars will soon meet their fate. This was stated by senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi yesterday in Narowal while addressing a huge turn out of PML workers and supporters at Pakistan Muslim League Workers’ Convention. We will stand with the nation against enemy’s attempts at weakening Pakistan and together we shall frustrate all enemy conspiracies, Moonis Elahi declared.

Earlier, Moonis Elahi was accorded a very warm reception on his arrival at Narowal. Accompanying Moonis Elahi was PML Secretary General and Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Ch. Zaheer ud din.

Moonis Elahi was received at the city entrance by President of Pakistan Muslim League, district Narowal Ch. Kizer Virk, Col (r) Abbas Chaudhry MPA, former District Nazim Narowal, Col. Jawed Kalhun, General Secretary PML Narowal Tauqir Aslam, Mukhtar Hussain Shah, Hafiz Riawan and other prominent party leaders. His carcade was escorted to the convention venue by hundreds of party supporters and PML Youth Wing workers on motorbikes and other vehicles.

Moonis Elahi was given a rousing welcome when he arrived at the venue. The speakers at the convention were unanimous in their condemnation of Punjab government’s failure in solving the problems of the people. The speakers also criticized Punjab government’s criminal indifference to the issues of Narowal rice farmers and hinted at an estimated loss of 5 billion rupees worth of rice crop only in district Narowal this year. Patronage by government and local administration to proclaimed offenders was pointed out as the biggest reason for rising crimes in the district by the speakers.

In his speech, Moonis Elahi lauded the army for supporting the people in their rejection of Kerry-Lugar Bill and blamed the ruling coalition of N League and PPP as solely responsible for the existing deplorable condition of the country.

He accused N League for willfully misguiding the nation at election time by making the false promise of bringing prices of all food items back to the 1999 position. He remarked that the government of N League in Punjab had miserably failed to keep the prices at the 2007 level let alone their bogus election promise of reviving the 1999 prices.

Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the present ruling clique for its deliberate failure in controlling the prices of flour and sugar. He pointed out that the hypocritical top leadership of N League owned major sugar mills and alleged that in cohorts with the sugar mafia N League was fully responsible for fleecing the poor.

He quoted the statement made on television by the official spokesman of Mian Nawaz saying that the daily expense of N League’s leader was Rs. 3.5 million. Moonis Elahi said that in a country where poor were getting poorer this extravagance was unforgivable.

Moonis Elahi criticized the N League government for deliberately slowing down the completion of DHQ Hospital, Narowal because this project was initiated by the former government.

Commenting on the sad plight of district Narowal’s rice growers, Moonis Elahi reminded the gathering that during Ch. Pervaiz Elahi’s government the farmers of Punjab were prospering and there was no food crisis during his five years. He said the farmers were selling rice at Rs. 1000 per maund whereas a fertilizer bag was available for Rs.500 only in Pervaiz Elahi’s time, but now it was the other way round. He pledged his complete support to the farming community and assured that the issues of district Narowal will be raised by PML in the assembly and at other forums.

In his address Moonis Elahi expressed serious concern over the pathetic law and order situation prevalent in district Narowal and held the Punjab government fully responsible for this criminal mess. He condemned the N government, local police and administration for openly patronizing criminals and for appointing proclaimed offenders and law absconders as coordinators in district Narowal. He sympathized with the unfortunate victims of various crimes in the district in recent months and urged the people to rise against injustice. He also warned Narowal police to desist from framing PML workers in false cases.

Moonis Elahi praised Narowal party workers and supporters for their unflinching trust in the party leadership despite victimization and persecution at the hands of N League government. Moonis Elahi declared that the day was fast approaching when the people responsible for destroying the province’s economy and peace in the last two years will be brought to book.