Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moonis Elahi criticises loan borrowings from IMF

After 62 years of independence we have still not come close to the translation of our founding fathers’ vision into reality, Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) leader Moonis Elahi, said. Talking to a delegation of Pakistani students studying in England, Moonis said that it was now the responsibility of Pakistan’s new generation to accept the challenges and transform Pakistan according to the dreams and aspirations of Allama Mohammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Moonis Elahi urged the youth to shun all political, ethnic and regional biases and come together to help Pakistan attain its due place in the comity of nations. He strongly criticised the present government’s loan borrowings from the IMF and its myopic and flawed power policy.

He stated that the founding fathers had envisioned Pakistan as a citadel of Islam and a means to achieve socio-economic justice for the Muslims and other deprived communities of the sub continent. Moonis Elahi, strongly condemned the recent tragic killings of innocent Pakistani Christians in Gojra.

He held Shahbaz government’s cruel and callous attitude responsible for this dastardly act committed by a handful of misguided people. He alleged that the actual culprits of the Gojra incident had still not been apprehended because of Punjab Government’s backing to them. He urged the youth to stand united against all internal and external enemies.