Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moonis Elahi Vows to Return

LAHORE: The Punjab government hasn’t initiated any move to bar the movement of Ch Moonis Elahi inside or outside the country. Highly placed sources in the Punjab government have disclosed that the provincial government had no concern over any action against the junior Chaudhry (Moonis Elahi) and have no role in restricting him within the country. There have been speculations that names of some 70 person, including Moonis Elahi, son of the Opposition leader in National Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, have been put in the Exit Control List (ECL). Talking to the News from Abu Dhabi, PML-Q leader Ch Moonis Elahi said he would return to the country in a couple of days, no matter if the federal government had put his name in the Exit Control List. Moonis Elahi said he wasn’t aware whether his name had been included in the ECL, but if any such development had taken place, he would return to the country without caring for consequences. Moonis Elahi said if the government had taken such step, it was a political victimization. Moonis Elahi said such mean political tactics were never adopted by the PML-Q government and added the some elements thought they could crush the opposition. Ch Shujaat Hussain and his Son Ch Salik Hussain, Ch Pervaiz Elahi and Ch Moonis Elahi are in Dubai these days to attend the marriage ceremony of a close relative. Besides, sources in the Interior Ministry have revealed that names of 70 persons, mostly politicians, have been put in the ECL which also includes the name of Moonis Elahi, three days after his departure to Dubai. PML-Q Information Secretary senator Tariq Azeem, when contacted, told this scribble that he hadn’t received any report that names of the PML-Q leaders including Moonis Elahi had been put in such development had taken place, it would certainly be a matter of concern and a “political act”.